Alternative energy sources.

Help to reduce your carbon footprint and save money. There are may incentives to go green. Read the EPC and use the advice it gives to point out how to save energy costs. Carry out the EPC recommendations, the main thing to do is insulate your home as best you can. In most cases that will involve no cost at all, these improvements will also make you home more attractive to buyers and tenants. You could even make money by selling the energy you make.

Renewable energy that may be considered, to add even more to your home energy saving costs.

Get help with the cost of renewable energy. Renewable Heat Premium Payment.

Contact us if you would like to know about Solar panels- we have a direct and local firm that will help.

Solar panels (PV) - EPCs will be needed to obtain the FIT payments,

How to get the best from your PV -

Solar water heating.

Ground (or air) source heat pumps (GSHP)

Wood-fuelled heating (Biomass)

Wind turbine

Micro-CHP (micro combined heat and power)

Financial incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency

A range of financial incentives will be made available. Such as the feed in tariff.(FIT).

The feed in tariff is paid to encourage the consumer to use micro generation systems; this will enable home owner’s alternative ways to produce electricity. Such as solar PV.

Find out more about the Feed-in-Tariff. (FIT) Download this OFGEM Report.

Steps to improve your home energy output should come first before investing in renewable sources. Such as using the Green Deal.

The Green Deal should make this step to save energy more affordable by saving over time through your energy bill.
This information will be contained in the new EPC.

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Buyers guide to renewable energy. - download this information from the Energy Saving Trust.

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