Why not have an energy rating (EPC) done even if you are not selling?

The information provided will give you ideas on how to save your home energy costs and will form part of the Green Deal.

Qualified Energy Assessors (DEAs) are trained to assess the structure of your home.
How well it retains heat energy and methods that provide heat and light.
Recommendations can be given to save your utility bills and reduce Carbon emissions that most homes produce. These depend on the building age and style, but cost effective methods can show a return within a year. Reducing greenhouse gases is a goal all home owners should look into.
See Saving Energy.

With this in mind.

It could also make your home more attractive to buyers or tenants looking to rent.

Inspect your Energy will be providing home owners advice on home insulation and other ways to save money.

The EPC is just the start, all homes need to be aware of savings that can be made. This information will form an important part of the the Green Deal. Have a look at the EPC.

Boost your Energy rating.

Ensure your home is marketed with the best possible rating.
We can provide two energy surveys, allowing you to make improvements before the final visit.
The first inspection, you receive the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).
This will give recommendations for improvements and should give you a better rating.
If you go ahead and act on any improvements, I can return and carry out a new survey.
This revised EPC can then make your home more attractive to buyers and tenants.

The cost of the second survey will be half the original EPC.
No risk to you if you decide after having the first inspection you decide that you don’t want to carry out any recommendations. Now is the the time to make sure your home is marketed as a home that is an energy saving property. It could make buyers or renters decide that your home is the one that they would like to live in.

Download this explanation about the EPC. - Click on this link.

Go to this page about the EPC Adviser tool.

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