The Green Deal – for energy efficient homes.

Due to changes in Government policy on July 23, 2015, there is no longer Green Deal funding available for customers.

Homes that are poorly insulated and wasteful will result in higher gas and electric bills for families and damage the environment. The Energy Performance Certificate EPC will form a part of the Green Deal process and provide a document that is needed. More on the Green Deal.

The Green Deal has been set up to help home owners and landlords.The Green Deal will (maybe) enable you to save energy costs, whether you own your home or rent. Find out more about the Green Deal in Manchester, we work with a local Manchester Green Deal Provider to find out more. Call us direct.

The Green Deal may not work out for you, it is a loan based on predicted energy savings.

Be careful to offers from some providers who say you can get free boilers, free double glazing, and other cheap energy savings you can make.

You may also get help (at no cost) from your energy supplier, The ECO (Energy Company Obligation) More about this.

It may be best if you find out first that a Green Deal assessment is worth paying for?

Most EPC providers will let you know if this will be of any use.

Will you get independent advice? Find out who the Green Deal Assessor is working for.

Is the Green Deal Assessor working on the basis that they only get paid if you go ahead with the Green Deal?

Green Deal or not.

Make an informed decision before you have a Green Deal assessment to finance your home energy saving improvements. You could also have a firm such as ours who will provide an EPC that will give your home ideas on how to save energy costs first. It will be your choice on how to pay for any improvements. Your local tradesmen maybe a lot cheaper to provide these improvements than green deal approved installers. Finance arrangements may also work out cheaper on interest payments. The green deal is based on many factors, such as the golden rule. It may not be suited to your requirements and other future drawbacks that may affect the sale of your home. Free or very cheap Green Deal assessments will be offered, but one way or another so called free Green Deal assessments will need to be paid for.  Research the best ways that you can afford and pay to save energy.

Free impartial advice in England and Wales call the Energy Saving Advice Centre on 0300 123 1234 (local rate)  if in Scotland you should call freephone 0800 512 012 to get through to your local Energy Saving Scotland advice centre.

Is the GDA independent or tied into a company supplying and installing energy saving measures? GDAs must advise clients of any commission to be earned off the back of the GD plan that you may or may not have paid for.

When this green deal assessment has been done you can contact other Green Deal Providers and request a plan , this will give you a choice. Do not be put under any pressure to use them. Some GDA will be selling as well as advising.

Look at this document about the Green Deal -What measures does the Green Deal cover?

Accredited High Street retailers will provide improvements, and you will not need to pay upfront for this. Unlike a personal loan if you move home instalments will be taken from the new owners fuel bills. It is a major step forward in making the UKs energy supplies more secure and help households save with ever rising energy prices.

So what exactly is the Green Deal?

This is a government initiative to make homes more energy efficient with no need to pay upfront. You will be able to get funding from a green deal approved provider.

More info from this link - Gov.UK, about the Green Deal.

How will this work?

Read these guides to the Green Deal.

The Green Deal explained.

Accredited Green Deal assessors will inspect your home and will offer advice on energy saving measures. A green deal plan will then be given by an approved provider. Work undertaken must be supplied by accredited installers. They will all follow the the green deal code. Assurance will be given to ensure consumer protection.

The Energy Bill will make it clear that this advice is independent and impartial.

Inspect your Energy hopes that this will be the case.

Latest update on this says- "GDA to declare any commission they might be receiving for carrying out an assessment and any ties to Green Deal Providers"

The Green Deal assessment - download this document to find out more about the Green Deal process.

More news will be added in relation to the Green Deal. See EPC news page.

The New EPC - have a look at the new Energy Performance Certificate.

The new EPC (starts from April 2012) format will be required if you need to apply for the Green Deal. This is one or the reasons why the updated EPC has changed. Your old EPC is nevertheless still valid at the moment for 10 years.

The golden rule

The Green Deal is a loan to improve energy efficiency and will be repaid via your electricity bill. To qualify for a green deal loan any improvements must save you money. The energy saving costs each year must be at least as high as the yearly loan repayments. This is the golden rule,

The EPC will identify the recommendations needed.

These (energy efficiency measures) will be pointed out by a green tick. This will confirm that Green Deal finance should be available. The golden rule.
An orange tick means that you could qualify, but other finance may be needed.

Solid wall insulation will always get a green tick. As a subsidy may be available.

All RDSAP recommendations and alternative measures will be pointed out in the EPC for the Green Deal.

Read more about the EPC.

Green Deal summary- What is the Green Deal?

More on the Green Deal and DECC initiatives to help increase energy efficiency.

A new way for home owners and tenants to pay for home improvements.

A users guide to renewables and the Green Deal.

Feed in Tariffs – what are they?

Energy Saving Trust - find out more here.

Get paid to generate your own electricity.

Since April 2010 electric power companies offer the Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) to consumers who generate electricity. This is usually done through a photo-voltaic (PV) panel. These solar panels are fitted on your roof and does not usually require planning permission. Solar (PV) can be installed on most UK properties.

Find out more about the Feed in Tariff (FIT).
. Update to feed in tariff (FIT) on the EPC news page, and more about the Green DEAL

Download documents on my - Energy saving page.

Download Guides about the Green Deal.

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