Non-Domestic- (Commercial) - Energy Performance Certificate. (EPC).

Under the EU Energy Performance Directive (EPBD) the Government have been phasing in the requirement for the Energy Performance Certificate. From October 1 2008 all commercial, non-domestic buildings will require the CEPC on sale, rental or upon construction.

The certificate, similar to the domestic EPC, will assess the energy efficiency of a building. The commercial EPC will be needed for various commercial premises and it will be a legal requirement that a CEPC is made available to any new tenant or purchaser.

The information contained in the commercial EPC will enable potential buyers and tenants valuable advice on the energy use and likely cost of the building.

The certificate is valid for ten years
, or until a newer EPC is prepared.
Some exceptions to the commercial EPC include: Places of worship, temporary buildings (less than two years use), low energy demand buildings and stand alone buildings less than 50 sq. metres. A building that falls within the requirement to have an EPC must have a roof and walls and use energy to condition the indoor climate (i.e. has heating, air conditioning or mechanical ventilation)

Many buildings will be affected by the  non domestic Energy Performance Certificates.

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  • Retail units
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Industrial units
  • Hotels
  • New build commercial units
  • Rental property
  • Public Institutions
  • Government buildings
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