Energy saving tips:

• Reducing your room temperature by 1°C could cut bills by up to 10%.
• Set the thermostat on your hot water cylinder to 60c.
• Don’t leave appliances such as TVs, DVDs, and PCs on standby.
• Unplug charges at the mains.
• Close curtains at night and do not cover radiators.
• Always turn lights off when you leave a room.
• Use half loads or economy settings, if you are not filling up washing machines, dryers or dish washers.
• Fix leaking taps.
• Only boil the water that you need.
• Place silver foil behind radiators to reflect heat back into room.
• Fill gaps in your skirting boards and floorboards with beading or sealant.
• Insulate your hot water pipes.

How to save Energy.

ECO Energy Saving.

Ways to improve your energy rating for the EPC:

If you are thinking of getting an energy assessment EPC and would like the best possible rating, there are measures to help. Look at the following information to help you save energy. The EPC will be used in the Green Deal. Another reason why the EPC should be done correctly.

Energy saving document from the Government- download this to help you save energy costs.

Also look at the EPC news page for updates.

And the EPC Resources Page

Reduce your Bills

Find out more about the Green Deal.

Green Deal Guides

Find out more about the Energy Company Obligation ( ECO)

See if you can can get grants to save energy?

Download guides for you to look at.

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More energy saving tips.

Fit energy saving light bulbs.

Fit a hot water tank jacket.

Fit or top up your loft insulation-at least 250mm.

Install cavity wall insulation-if you have unfilled cavity walls.

In terms of saving energy, cavity wall insulation has the greatest effect in relation to the cost of installation.

Contact a local cavity wall insulation installer to see if this can be done.
They can be found under ‘Insulation installers’ in the yellow pages or Yell.Com
Many of these installers offer grants towards the cost and when they visit your home to check, ask them to look at the loft insulation as well.

Look at my links page for useful contacts, small things can make a big difference to saving energy and the costs of running a home

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