Why It is important that your EPC accurately reflects your property.

Selling or renting your home, buyers and tenants are taking more interest in the energy ratings of properties. Don’t listen to estate agents or letting agents who say no one looks at them. 

The ever rising domestic fuel costs could be a deciding factor, a home that is more energy efficient with a higher EPC rating may add value.

Is the EPC a useful document?

The Green Deal will need an accurate EPC.

The EPC inspection can't be done on the cheap, will you be satisfied with a 10 minute survey to save a few pounds?

In the future, incentives and grants may be made available to houses with a poor energy rating.

There could also be a Council Tax levy related to your energy rating/consumption.

For rental properties, landlords with properties in the "F" rating may not be able to rent them out until energy improvements have been made.

Homes that are fully insulated save money.

An inaccurate EPC could cost you money.

Inspect your Energy carry out all surveys with diligence. .

Time will be given to ensure the accuracy of your EPC.

Inspect your Energy will not cut corners

Cheap EPCs are advertised on the internet. Selling or renting your property, is it a good move to use the cheapest EPC provider you can find? Will they give you the time to explain how you can save energy costs?

The EPC is a valuable document, make sure it is done correctly by a DEA who acts as an independent provider of EPCs. Our aim is to give you this service direct in Manchester.

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