For Solicitors.

As HIPs are no longer needed, the EPC is stil a legal document that solicitors and Home sellers need.

We can provide this service to you direct in Manchester.

As a local EPC provider we hope we can help you in providing this service.

We aim to provide the Energy Performance Certificate and give a dedicated service that represents your business.

Be your local representative for providing EPCs.

You would then have someone known to you who will visit your client’s home to carry out the report, not some anonymous person of unknown calibre as often provided by other panels.

 We will not be looking to acquire the conveyancing work, which should then be available for you.

This partnership will allow your firm to build a reputation as the local EPC provider, the advantage of using local names and faces, offering all the benefits that the national firms provide.

We supply the EPC a complete standalone product, no conveyancing restrictions and no obligations placed on either you, or your clients, to use any other related services.

Please contact us to discuss how Inspect your Energy can help you maximise the opportunities that the Energy Performance Certificate provides.

All new clients will receive the first EPC free.