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News for Landlords - 2018. Guide to Energy Efficiency in the private sector.

Download this EPC Landlord Guide

Due to changes in Government policy on July 23, 2015, there is no longer Green Deal funding available for customers.

Landlords will need an EPC E or higher to rent homes. News 2015

How to get help to make my home more energy efficient. BBC. link. Dec 2014.

New update to the EPC Dec 2014. More data will be collected.

Government misled consumers over savings from Green Deal energy efficiency loans. Aug 2014. Telegraph news.

The Green Deal Home Improvement (GDHIF) has now closed. July 2014. DECC.

£7600 to make your home energy efficient.Gov.UK.

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. June 2014. About this BBC news.

Rogues using the Green Deal to cheat cash out of householders. April 2014. BBC News.

Green Deal Cashback for Energy Savings. Feb 2014.DECC- Link.

Big Energy Saving week. 27-31 Jan. 2014. Find out more.

Improving the Green Deal, from DECC. Dec 2013, GOV.UK link.

Just 12 Green Deal plans so far. Sept 2013. Link to this from the Mirror.

BBC news - green deal news - Aug 2013. Link

Latest blog from IDEA - about ECO concerns and GDA training.  Link - June 2013

Green Deal - guide to consumer to DECC, June 2013.

Green Deal - Guidance for the property industry.Link to DECC.March 2013.

Trading standards- Banishing the eco-bandits. Making sure the green deal its a fair deal. March 2013.

Energy Assessor magazine, news about the Green Deal. British Gas misselling. Feb 2013

Updated Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations. Find out more below.

The new requirements will be introduced on 9 January 2013. The key measures include a requirement for property advertisements to include details of the Energy Performance Certificate rating where available; removal of the requirement to attach the front page of the certificate to any written material; exempting listed buildings from the need to have a certificate on their sale or rent; . GOV link.

‘A Guide to Energy Performance Certificates for the construction, sale and let of dwellings’ Latest new requirements of the EPDR regulations in respect of domestic dwellings. Click here for the DCLG publication. Jan. 2013.

Is the Green Deal right for you?, link to moneysaving expert. Feb. 2013

Historic buildings (listed) and the EPC. Q&A about this update- Click here. Jan. 2013

EST shows increase in average savings/income from solar PV,- Nov 2012- link.

New Government website about the Green Deal. GOV.UK

The Green Deal, for home owners and tenants - download this to find out more.

Next steps on renewable heat- Sept 2012- DECC news.

Free Insulation for all in Manchester. Find our more- the Great Toasty scheme,

Which reviews the Green Deal. Find out more here.

New service from the EPC register (April 2012) to find your EPC. Please click here for a copy of DCLG’s official guidance on these changes.

News on rogue panels. Find out more why you should use a local DEA in your area. Energy Assessor News.

Government sets out next steps for the Green Deal - June 2012 - press release.

Q&A about the changes to the EPC April 6 2012. Download this document that aims to answer your questions.

Latest update to the new EPC regulations starting April 6 2012. download this advice.

FITs (Feed in Tariff) FAQs about new tariff levels and energy efficiency requirement. DECC link

DECC links FIT rates to D Rated EPCs. Feb 2012 - link to this news

More advice about the upcoming Green Deal. Feb 2012. You Gen Blog

Government takes the next step on zero carbon homes. Jan 2012. - update on the green deal.

BBC news -Green Deal- homes may lose insulation subsidy. Jan 2012- find out more

EPC for holiday lets, update 2012, FAQs about this, download this advice.

Consumer focus. Independent advice about the Green deal.

Update to the new EPC for Domestic Energy Assessors April 2012. Improved EPC to start find out more.

House buyers & sellers guide to the EPC (part 2) . Nov, 2011. EPC guide.

Latest update on the Green Deal- from DECC. - Nov 2011.

Solar PV rate to be cut - DECC press notice. - Oct 2011.

Proposed changes to the Energy Performance Certificate EPC to start April 2012 - DCLG summary to these regulations- Sept 2011.

Cheap on-line EPC provider under the spot light, Sept 2011 - Energy Assessor Magazine.

New factsheets for tenants and landlords. Sept 2011 - Government advice

House buyers & renters guide to the Energy Performance Certificate (part 1). Aug 2011- Link to this.

Trading Standards concerns about the Green Deal. Aug 2011. Link to TSI.

Is your EPC valid? find out more why you should check.

EPC to promote the green deal in 2012 the new look EPC

Another national EPC provider goes out of business. July 2011. Link to this news.

News about the Energy Bill 2010-11. From DECC about the Green Deal and EPCs - Government information.

Latest news about the EPC. IDEA leaflet June 2011.

More on the Green Deal. link to DECC.

10k payout for a green home revamp. Green deal news May 2011.

New rules about EPCs for holiday lets. FAQ about this. April 2011

EPC regulatory changes confimed, from July 2011 agents will be held responsible. To be confirmed. Read more here

Renewable Heat Incentive launched. DECC press notice. March 10 2011. Link to this Government information.

Useful guide - how to use the EPC Adviser tool, Feb 2011. You Tube link.

Energy house to reveal scale of UK retrofit challenge. BBC news, Jan 2011,  BBC link

Cheap EPC provider goes into administration, Fridays property lawyers. Jan 2011, EAT news.

No place for cowboys in the Green Deal. Dec 2010 DECC press realease.

EPC tool to save energy, Advice on how you can save your energy bills. Use your EPC info to find out.

Go online to go green. Nov 2010. News about the EPC adviser tool. Find out more.

How not to get your EPC - The Guardian - Nov 2010,  Find out more why its best to use a local DEA

Landlords forced to insulate homes - Nov 2010. Read more.

Green homes revolution - Dept of Energy and climate change - Nov 2010. Read more.

Feed in tariff for the UK energy market, news from Oct 2010. Read more.

Also download information on our Energy Tips page about ways to save energy.

Energy efficiency ratings to be made compulsory for home sales - Aug 2010.  Read more.

Green tax based on the EPC?  July 2010.  From the Guardian.

EPCs are still  needed to sell your home. go to this page.

HIPs are history 20 May 2010 , find out more here.

The HIP has been suspended go this page to find out more , link to my page about the HIP suspension.

The election, see my update - FAQ page.

At least 10% of new homes fail energy efficiency test. April 2010.  From the Guardian

Supermarkets to offer "green energy makeovers". March 2010 - From the Telegraph

HIPs are working. AHIPP news. Feb 2010. How HIPs help

Personal searches. AHIPP news. Feb 2010. Read this.

Check to see if you can get a grant for the Government boiler scrappage scheme. Jan 2010. Find out here

If you are thinking about training to become an energy assessor - 15 Oct 2009. Read this, from IDEA.

HIPs are working, and you get what you pay for - 24 Sept 2009. Find out more on the IDEA Blog.

EAs fees and what they get - 19 Aug 2009 - link to this news.

latest HIP research misleading - 1 July 2009. Link to this news

Agents get HIPs 'hidden' payments.- 18 May 2009.

Channel 4 News has evidence that up to £100 could be added to the price of a Home Information Pack. Link to this news.

History of the EPC and HIP.

New legislation – 6 April 2009.

From 6th April 2009, every home must have a HIP in place – not just ordered - before it can be put on the market. Vendors will also now be required to complete a new Property Information Questionnaire (PIQ) detailing important pre-sale information such as the home’s council tax band, parking arrangements, utilities and any structural alterations – vital when deciding to make an offer.
Not only will the new PIQ provide buyers with further, upfront information about their possible new home, but it will significantly increase the number of consumers viewing the HIP. See resources page.

CLG publishes FAQs about the Property Information Questionnaire. - 3 April 2009. More about the PIQ.

From the 1 st October 2008.

All rental properties in England and Wales, will require an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate.)
Landlords will need the certificate when letting the property. After this date, if tenants are already occupying the property, then you won't require an EPC, although re-letting the property after October 2008; you would need to supply the certificate to prospective tenants. The certificate lasts 10 years; a new EPC is not needed every time a tenant moves in. 

News about the commercial - Non Domestic EPC. The CEPC.

December 2007.

Home Information packs (Hips) will be required for all properties being sold in England and Wales from 14 December 2007, the Government has announced. Since September all properties with three or more bedrooms have required a HIP before they can be sold.

Published 10 September 2007, from the Government website.

Average four bedroom homes are getting an 'E' energy rating, according to a survey from the introduction of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and Home Information Packs (HIPs).
New information six weeks after the launch of EPCs and HIPs, shows that average four bedroom homes and above could save hundreds of pounds off heating, lighting, and water bills.
Most homes are receiving an 'E' rating in their EPCs on the A-G scale, but this could potentially rise to a 'C' if consumers undertake measures recommended in the certificates, such as loft and cavity wall insulation.
The Government is today extending EPCs and HIPs to three bedroom homes so more buyers will get the same information to cut carbon emissions and reduce fuel bills.
The early findings come from a snapshot survey of energy assessors and EPCs provided since the launch of HIPs, which show average 4 bedroom homes are being rated 'E' and could typically save £180 on heating, £60 on lighting and £30 on hot water bills, a year.
The top 5 recommendations given by assessors for improving energy efficiency have been: cavity wall insulation, changing to low energy lighting, putting thermostatic valves on radiators, loft insulation, and double glazing.

HIPs and EPCs will give house buyers energy ratings for homes for the first time, from A to G - similar to consumer friendly ratings for fridges, helping to lower fuel bills and reduce carbon emissions. The packs will also help to cut costs for consumers by increasing transparency and competition in the home buying and selling process.

August 2007, from the Government website.

Next stage for Home Information Packs and Energy Performance Certificates announced

The Government has today announced that Home Information Packs (HIPs) and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) will be rolled out to three bedroom properties from 10 September 2007.

HIPs and EPCs are being introduced on a phased basis to ensure a smooth transition in the housing market, and to begin the process of transforming the home buying and selling process in the interests of consumers and the environment at the earliest opportunity.

Following the introduction of the packs for homes with four bedrooms and above on 1 August 2007, the Government has today confirmed there will be enough energy assessors, nationally and regionally, to roll out to three bedroom homes next month, having taken into account the operation of HIPs in the market.

HIPs to start. 01 August 2007.

As of today, properties with four bedrooms or more will require a Home Information Pack (HIP) when they are put up for sale.
The pack will bring a lot of the information previously gathered throughout a purchase to the front of the process, such as standard searches, sales statements, and evidence of title. In addition, a new Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will be included in the pack which will rate a home’s energy efficiency and make suggestions for reducing carbon emissions and energy bills.

January 2007. From the Government website.

A new consultation published today will boost efforts to tackle climate change and promote energy efficiency by proposing estate agents must include Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) with their property particulars for the first time.
This would give consumers better access to information, helping them make new green choices by comparing energy costs between homes.
EPCs, energy ratings for homes, will give consumers for the first time information about the energy efficiency of properties, and practical steps to reduce carbon emissions and save on energy bills.

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