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Advice for home sellers and landlords in Manchester.

Inspect your Energy will provide the EPC direct, no call centres to deal with and no upfront payment.

This business offers you as a seller or landlord a document that you will still need, the EPC or Energy Performance Certificate. To comply with this law you need to instruct a DEA to carry out the EPC inspection. If you are using an agent they will require you to say that you have ordered the EPC. This means that they are happy that you have done this to make sure that an EPC will be available in 28 days. To market your home they must be satisfied that all reasonable efforts have been made to provide the Energy performance Certificate. EPC standards are high and the inspection is thorough it will also form part of the Green Deal. Being energy-efficent is something every seller or landlord must consider, whether they are renovating to sell or rent. it is important to research options and always choose the least wasteful means of doing something. A house that is well-cared for in the most eco-friendly ways might even have more success on today's market to sell or rent your home.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us.

You can contact us and we will give your Estate Agent/Landlord this information to prove that the EPC has been ordered.

As a seller or landlord it may be best to use a direct local EPC provider, this may give you a cheaper option than the agent. The EPC is valid for 10 years and getting one done before you decide to sell can also help on energy efficiency measures. Using the information provided in the EPC, and acting on this, you could make improvements to your home energy bills and make your home more attractive to buyers with a better EPC rating. Landlords can also use the EPC to show tenants a home that will be cheap to run.

The fee to you will be a low rate as it goes directly to providing the EPC. As we are an independent provider of EPCs it is up to you how you arrange conveyance or mortgage matters. We inspect your property in relation to the EPC.

Advice about home energy savings is also part of our services. Find out more about the Green Deal.

Look at the EPC Page on how this is conducted.

Use your EPC to save energy - find out more about the EPC Advisor tool.

Go to DIRECTGOV website to read more about the Energy Performance Certificate.

How to retrieve An Energy Performace Certificate EPC - or find out if you already have one - go to this page

An Estate Agent can’t use it to lock you in to a contract as you will own the EPC.

The EPC will be sent to your estate agent.

If you have any questions please get in touch, it really is a straightforward process, an efficient and quick service will be needed to market or rent your property.

You have the choice, but you will need the EPC done by a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA).

re your home is marketed
Please contact us to discuss how Inspect your Energy will meet your EPC needs.

Use a local EPC provider, who you will meet, and make sure the process of selling or renting your home is done correctly.

Based in Manchester and the North West.

EPCs areas we cover in the North West.

This gives you the freedom to use any Estate Agent to market your property and save money.

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