EPC Adviser. This tool is currently not working.

How the EPC can save energy costs.

Save money and cut your carbon footprint by using your EPC.

The 24 characters will be on the EPC provided by your assessor (DEA) who inspected your home.

 It will help to calculate how much money on fuel bills and carbon you can save.

This is important as the original EPC only informs you about savings at the time of inspection. The EPC maybe up to 10 years old?

Visit www.epcadviser.direct.gov.uk, this online tool uses information from the
EPC to show you how to save money on your fuel bills. You can use this tool to
personalise your Green Deal package.

Only two types of EPCs can be provided for a property.



The EPC adviser will only work for RdSAP.

The EPC Adviser is an on-line tool to show you how to make your home more energy-efficient.

Download this guide to the Energy Performance Certificate. EPC.

If your EPC was produced before 21st September 2008 the EPC Adviser facility will not work

What is the EPC. go to this page.

EPCs direct in Manchester 01204 573896.

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