Cheap EPCs.

There are now many on-line national companies advertising cheap EPCs on the internet.
There are also Estate Agents who profit from the EPC, when they should tell you that you could get a local DEA to carry out the inspection. You do not need to use the Estate Agent to get your EPC. You may even already have one !!

 How do you choose an EPC provider?  Read this to find out more,

Also Estate Agents may get you to sign forms when you sell/rent and and you may end up paying more when a local EPC provider will save you money. They could even get you to pay for an EPC when a valid EPC has already been done.

If you can find a local DEA (Energy Assessor) in your area. Phone these direct providers of EPCs.
Check that they are who they say they are !! Ask for Photo ID.

Can National cheap EPC, or any that say we are the cheapest providers be trusted? Who
are they using to do these cheap EPCs?
  See EPC news.

 Find and use a local (DEA) EPC provider in your area, instruct a DEA who values his/her time in giving you a correct and accurate EPC that you need. Local independent DEAs will offer you a fair price for your EPC, the EPC has been updated (April 2012) and more extra data will be added to the survey, including vital advice about the Green Deal. The EPC inspection needs to be done correctly. Your best bet is to contact a local direct EPC provider. They will 
be in most cases be cheaper than your estate/letting agent.

The new EPC started in April 2012, this EPC forms part of the Green Deal.

Looking for the cheapest ?
will this get you an accurate EPC.

Many changes have been done, DEAs will need to re train and pass a new exam to cover updates to the new EPC (April 2012) Make sure the EPC provider has the correct certificate, and above all ask to see ID when the DEA turns up. The EPC in December 2014 has also added new data to the inspection.

Inspections will need time and effort by the DEA.

This document is of great value and a 10 minute survey will not help anyone.

Read this leaflet.
How do you choose an EPC provider?

One Accredition body has now decided that they will not insure DEAs who bid for the lowest price from EPC auction sites to get work. Also warnings have been sent to DEAs regarding some cheap EPC online sites, these sites change website names and you do not know who you are dealing with.

National EPC providers are taken advantage of DEAs and expect them to provide EPCs at very low fees. Landlords and home sellers who use these sites are risking a bad report or even no one turning up at all. It may be best for you to find a local DEA, talk to them and get your EPC direct.

Do not pay upfront for these cheap EPCs, will they turn up?, will the DEA get paid? Will you get the EPC you payed for? Is the DEA who he says he is? Above all Is the  EPC accurate?

How good a deal are these low cost EPCs? remember this document is valid for 10 years

How can these companies provide EPCs at such a low price?

There are three business models here;

  • A company employs a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA). The DEA will have a very low basic salary. To increase his earnings, he needs to reach targets set by the company. Once targets are met, the DEA will be paid an extra fee. The target levels are very high. To achieve these levels the DEA needs to work fast. The DEA can only afford to spend a minimal time on the survey. And will cut corners. (Not measuring loft insulation?). The DEAs time on site doing the survey would be about 20 minutes or even less, can he or she say they have accurately assessed your property?

  •  A company may employ just one qualified DEA. They can then send an unqualified person to carry out the inspection on your property, recording basic data. This "data" will be given to the one qualified DEA so that they could lodge the EPC, the name on the certificate will not be the person that visited your home.
             -This person carrying out your survey is not qualified and is not licensed.

             -Will you get an accurate EPC? Will the EPC be valid?

             -They will also not be insured, what happens if any damage occurs ?, 

             -They may not be CRB checked; do they have a criminal record?

  •  Another new system being used. Two companies are now using a system where they send out a mass email, inviting quotes, from "Energy Assessors". It is a "bidding session". The lowest "bid" gets the job and they don’t care who does it as long as it is the lowest price EPC bid.
 Companies who use this dutch auction do not check if the DEA is;

CRB checked.

Currently qualified.

Carries PII or PLI Insurance.

So who is coming to your house?

Check the DEAs ID.They should provide this.

And is it worthwhile trawling the internet to find the cheapest EPC you can get?

The EPC is valid for 10 years, use a local DEA direct, someone who you will speak to and who will give you advice about saving energy costs.

Read more about why you should get an
accurate EPC

Check the Landmark Register to see if the person who inspects your home is a DEA.

Find out more about EPCs  Direct GOV website about the EPC.

Make sure the EPC is provided by a local business who you can speak to and meet.

Check the DEA inspector is who he says he is, ask for ID. 

Local direct EPC providers will get you the EPC faster than national providers.

Call this business direct to find out more about the EPC.
01204 573896. M. 07719 363956.


Inspect your Energy a local Manchester business for the Energy Performance Certificate

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